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MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)


Poem By Maria Kamy Abdool

We’ve set sail on these frosty waves before.
I see familiar ships with nets and anchors
Swaying in the misty blue of the capricious ocean.
With granted dreams unlocked, dripping
In the already scented water from
The gleaming brine embraced by the moon’s
Beam from all feasible corners.
We make our way to shore,
Quavering on familiar trails left the night before.
For a moment,
I was lost within the raptures of him.
Our skin touched and it was magical,
We created a storm that pushed
Raindrops through the miraculous sky,
While in his eyes I found beauteous trace
Of his love for me.
The rain showers her beauty upon the already wet sand
Forming imprints as we sift though the minutes
Looking for clues towards our destination unknown.

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