Imprison My Heart Vol.3

Can’t seem to get words to explain I can’t either free the feelings
Fearing of losing you and I when the feeling just keeping
Imprison the heart I can’t explain the consciousness
That I can’t blindly see myself it coming closer I can’t seem
To say single words to you I’m not here to harm our love
Either hurting our feelings inside us my heart beat lesser and sinks
Whenever I imagine a life without you
I’m closer in losing you

Just embracing me tightly in your warming love You’re the perfect comfort that I find
The only secure in my heart that is only you I’ll never say a single goodbye caused
it going to hurt you even more If I leave without you knowing
Un-traced of me without you knowing It wasn’t a ring that makes a change

It is indeed the pure love that attach our heart together closer us through God blessing
I never share my pure love with all my heart the way that I given it all to you In no replacement
of Our pure kisser that touch our lips a placing of secure where the comfort of my heart belong
our blossom pure love that growth through the blessing hour our love that size of an ocean the
untouched air that blossom through all this year

by Misnia Bahri Awaludin

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