Imprison My Heart

I never lie to you from the start
I never cheat you even you did
You maybe playing with my pure love
I never played you or your heart
The way you cheat your words
that you care and love me
but that an excuse you escaping your words
caused knowing you never loved me
you made me walk a distance from you
it taken year to recover
all the wound that you place me
you've injured my life and left me
breathless every time i think
the sorrow you put me through
my heart sink deeper

if i cheated you i wouldn't
been with you for 8 yrs
but now i'm walking out of your life
even distance is harder to step
and walk out of your life
i never lie to you

I was true to you i gave you my pure
love from the bottom of my heart
I don't care if your hearing nonsense a lot
of people may saying to you
they only drowning you with lie
I love you with all my heart
My love for you was real and true
But I'm going distance caused
I need to free my heart out
of your imprison lies

i refused to be your love
i want to free my heart
from your imprison lie
the love you played me
gone to far i'm freeing
my heart from your imprison lies
i cant stay here i cant bury
don't trance me i wont left you
mark to track me
it better that we are distance
i cant bury the lie you
place me through
i know you never look for me
i left the work caused i want to avoid you
i left my only happiness and important that
was real to me

by Misnia Bahri Awaludin

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