Impromptu For Jack

Not so much a moment
but all time,
the steady refrain

that “God is good”.
What is this thing called good?

Through all the pain
and all the joys
the theme remains –

a constant strain –

“I’ll praise my maker,
God is good”. No statements here,
a simple claim
from some deep tautological mine

“God is good”.
And now he’s home
with Him he served

the joy remains –

not for a moment
but for all time.
The universe proclaims

that God is good!

[Written for / about my father who died on my birthday in 2001]

by Malcolm Evison

Comments (1)

An attractive title Malcolm! And a very good poem it is too. I like the concept of 'good', you may as well try huh? Nice oNe! 10 from smiling prompting, Tai