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In 2007 There's A New Beginning

In 2007 there's a new beginning and there is great hope for the year ahead
And the World may be a better place to live in and far less people who mourn for their dead
The murdering and the maiming cannot last forever and peace for us cannot be that far away
One can only hold fervent hope for the future and a better World to live in for the youth of today.

There is a time for peace when war is over and that time to us now may be quite near
When revenge is a thing that will go out of fashion and of terrorism we need not live in fear
There is great promise for the year 07 that terrorism, war and hatred will subside
And we may have more love and understanding and less of patriotism fanned by nationalistic pride.

For 07 hope does spring eternal this warring and murdering will not go on
When those who feud will leave bygones as bygones and leave the past as it should be left as gone
We must look forward to a new beginning 'make love not war' that saying does ring true
We will grow wise to those who cause division the time for peace we feel is overdue.

In 2007 hope does spring eternal on the road to peace our journey may begin
And warring parties well may get the message that war comes at too high a price to win
The flower of peace may well again start blooming in war and terrorism far too many have died
The desire for peace around the World is spreading and those for peace their hopes won't be denied.

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