DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


From Amsterdam to Istanbul
from Reykjavik to Kathmandu,
from mountain high to cavern's pool,
on oceans deep and dessert dunes.
In vast palaces or a simple hermits cave
on highways or a broken narrow path unmade;
busy markets, remote traders' shack
in the town or far, far outback.

In languages and words diverse
and beliefs we hold, it seems from birth.
In thoughts and dreams and contemplations,
in every soul, in every nation.
Buried deep or deep in space,
in each and every known or unknown place.

Here now and present, always true
was there before and in the future too.
In me, in them, and in you,
never seen but permeating through and through.
The support of all, its design and fabrication
origin, life and disintegration.

In what you know, the very knowing
in all that shines, that which is glowing
in all that's still and that which moves
all this is that and that is you.

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David, Very well expressed indeed! Best wishes, - Raj Nandy