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In A Class Of Your Own

If for the goodness in others you do not look hard to see
And you are as good a person as you can be
And for to help others out you go out of your way
And you perform your good deed or two every day

You never look down on others or set yourself up as anyone's judge
And you are not one who does harbor a grudge
Even for those on purpose who have done you wrong
To a rare breed of person you are one who belong

In you in your ways there is nothing small
And you do believe on a fair go for all
You are one i greatly respect and admire
And of singing your praises i never could tire

In your words you never put anyone down
We do need more people like you in this town
And though you are not financially well off or one who is widely known
As a person you are in a class of your own

With the town's social elite you are never invited to tea
But of a good person you are my idea
You will reap the good fruits of the Karma you sow
And in my estimation in stature you grow.

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