In A Distant Land From Home

I came, I wander'd in a far away land,

searching for easy greener pastures;

I wander'd in the white man land

like an aimless wind in the sky above.

I travell'd afar off from my belov'd wife,

a wife I left as an innocent angel

with breast full of sweet milk,

but I left her to search for what will gladd'n her soul.

From the distant land,

I sent a message full of hopes to my belov'd;

I avow'd to see and feel her in my arms again

but she first felt I grab my honey first,

I relay'd my feelings to her again,

but she now told me she needed a messiah first.

I now come,

traveling down home to my wife.

Alas! Another man has bounc'd on my wife

like an eagle on a chick.

What must I do now that I am back?

I must save my wife from this man, riding on her back,

parading himself as her messiah,

for I am her true lov'd messaiah!

by Eche Ononukwe

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this one is good too its kind of sad but nicely written