AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

In A Dream I Slit My Wrist (In Reality, I'M Not That Strong)

If I unintentionally slit my wrist
I'll be the last to know

and when I'm
turning aerials
above my carcass,

weep for me

Because I was loved
in life-
I hated to death

Weep for me, since

I do not have cause enough-

to cry for myself

by Amberlee Carter

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........beautiful...........its wicked
Amberlee. Many years ago now, I used to write like you. I got into a flow of the deep and meaningful. Sadly I lost the book of poems when I moved overseas. All my belongingsI write nowadays. In a different way, and with a much broader outlook I guess.But it stemmed from similar stuff to you. Keep writing and try to draw sometimes on the positve aspects in your soul. Balance good with evil, happy with sad. Call on your muse. spread your wings and fly. You got it girl.! Big hugs Jan