WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)

In A Dream Where I Get To Lay My Head In Her Lap

Many sleepless nights have been wasted this year
For the purpose of picking up pieces to cohere
Pieces of a dream infinite in its splendor
Its splendor, its grandeur, its brilliance, its wonder
A dream in a field of infinite gold
And an infinite blue sky to behold
With soft whispers of clouds to highlight the sun
And a single green hill facing the ocean
Topped with a kind old apple tree
With branches offering food for free
And under the tree the grass tickled our feet
As we pranced barefoot picking apples to eat
Her giggles echoing through the bright summer day
Outlined by bird song and the apple tree’s sway
Hours would pass fast and unnoticed
As we stared at each other with love at its purest
The sun would set softly into the sea
And I would settle into her arms slowly
Speaking verses of my love for her and her soul
She would cry tears for what I had just stole
Pleading with me to take care of her heart
For many times it had been torn apart
I answer with an honest nod and we kiss in moonlight
And my heart would dance to the twinkling starlight
But as I drew away I would wake with a snap
From the dream where I got to lay my head in her lap.

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