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In A Fair Human World

For the sins of the parents in the judgements of others the off-springs should not be made to pay
In a fair Human World it would not be this way
But the judgmental are many they have never been rare
And of how their judgements affect others they do not seem to care
The fair go for all we hear so much about to all does not apply
Since a fair go in their words to some they do deny
To judge one on their parents who from grace did fall
Is not giving to that person what one would call a fair go at all
In every part of the World every city village and town
There are those who find pleasure on verbally putting others down
In their judgmental words many of a fair go they have denied
Behind their false innuendos the reputation destroyers do hide
These people in their ways seem so very small
When compared to those who believe on a fair go for all

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