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In A Fair World It Should Never Be

In a fair World it should never be one must lose for one to gain
That out of one's misfortunes another does prosper is beyond me to explain
This is the capitalist society it always works this way
In the Human World few things are fair as some are known to say
Big Company C E O's are paid millions in annual salaries whilst most work for union award pay
That for one to grow mega wealthy many grow poorer does seem all wrong anyway
The hard working men and women of village, city and town
No avenue of honour for to honour their renown,
That for a minority to financially prosper many grow poorer one has to wonder why
Survival of the fittest to human greed apply
Of the super rich celebrities we read of and we hear
Whilst the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps widening by the year
Free trade the boon for capitalism does not seem fair at all
In a Human World where for a minority to rise so many have to fall.

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