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In A Far Away Place

In a far away place by a far away town
The birds chirp and sing as the sun is going down
In the cool of what has been a nice summer's day
The coastal paddocks scent sweetly of freshly mown hay

A scene that a poet to poetry would inspire
In Nature beauty for all for to admire
The magpie does flute with his silvery bill
In the far away place by the far away hill

I can only marvel at what i do see
Nature's beauty that is everywhere around me
A warm coastal breeze it is blowing in my face
As in fancy i walk in the far away place

The birds chirp and whistle on the bushes and trees
And the sweet cent of hay wafts in the summer breeze
In summer the song lark for to sing above the paddock flies
In the far away place when i do visualize.

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