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In A Field
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In A Field

Poem By David Gibbs

When this world's to much to take,
Try and find a special place,
In a field, beneath the morning sun,
Take your time, take all day,
Feel your troubles slip away,
In a field, where you're the only one

Forget the rat race, forget the tonne
Of other things you should have done,
In a field, with soft grass as your bed,
Chase the wildlife from your mind,
Ease your tension and unwind,
In a field, let peace into your head

Breathe in deep some country air,
Run your fingers through your hair,
In a field, relaxing in the heat,
Tomorrow is another day,
There's so much more to come your way,
In a field, no-one can take your seat

Feel the sunlight on your skin,
Melt away the stress within,
In a field, settled for the day,
Sun goes down, into the ground,
Clouds float past without a sound,
In a field, feeling the last ray

All the roads that reach into,
All the fields that you once knew,
In that space you know that they will build,
So now you're older, look back too,
A summers day, that was good for you,
Layed out on your back, in a field

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