In A Five Month Struggle

Blazing down these summer streets
like motorcycles in frantic heat,
we have to live in excitable palpitations
of forward movement impossible to retreat.

With eyes brighter than a thousand suns,
we got to live forever on the run,
escaping ordinary days and futile ways
that would reduce us to machinery-like souls.

On laughter highways we'll make our getaways;
with smiles and style on endless roads over countless miles,
we'll abandon anger like an ancient plague
and live with forgiveness for all while seeking pardon from no one.

It's always now, here and now, our extreme happiness!
To live any other way is a fatal flaw of hesitancy
that would leave us stranded with regret, melancholy,
and the need to forget we were ever born in such a magical place.

You say someone has let you down, his eyes were a lie,
but that's alright, you have to express your own dream,
live for yourself for all the meaning you can imagine or grasp
and make sure at your last breath, your very last gasp
your hands are still utterly clenched in determination!

We have to sear like fire in the night,
we have to be stars casting our glow on these boulevards,
we have to make the one life we're given memorable,
to do anything less and not give our best,
would be to disrespect the human race behind and before us.

by Uriah Hamilton

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