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In A Flask
TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

In A Flask

How glad I was
I'd kept it in a flask
You can keep it bottled
And it's always there
But it doesn't keep warm
Or totally retain
Its original ambience
Its spirit
In a flask
when you need it
It's there fresh as the day
Fresh as the moment
Fresh as the memory
Nothing lost

But only for a moment
Was I glad
Soon I was sad
Sadder than ever
For though it was clever
To keep it thermosed
And true enough
It is perfectly preserved
Its aura
More or less intact
It can't be freed

An now I need it
But if I unscrew the top
How can I stop it
The thin convection
Of the common air
Beyond my reach
Beyond my salvation

What use to me is
A soul
That must remain
In a perpetual

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