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In A Forward Movement
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Forward Movement

One early morning,
When dawn awakens those yawning...
It will come to some to be realized,
The ones whose minds are fixed...
Have left all regrets to a yesterday,
But will not find them sitting,
In hours reminiscing to moan over it.

And a rising done as the sun clears the sky,
With something to accomplishment and pursued...
Is the only thought they have on their minds,
To do!
With a following through until the Sun sets.
Knowing their steps taken,
Were placed in a forward movement.
With a doing done regardless if anyone notices.

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Of course u have been moving forward :) have you read your poems then and now...do you see a change in your thought process? ? :) You have been moving so much forward :) and you will more :) TC..