Poem Hunter
In A Frantic Reach For Yesterday
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Frantic Reach For Yesterday

It is all right there.
There to conveniently ignore,
Or digust delusions.
As they seek to separate,
Their preferences.
From the constant stickiness,
Of what is daily viewed.

It has been there,
Waiting to be embraced.
Or at least discussed.
But 'this' reality avoids the media blitz.
It has become part of...
That which has collected dust.
And has affixed itself...
To someone's known way of life.
No matter how low or gutter like.

The only thing successfully done,
Has been to blind those in denial...
In a frantic reach for yesterday.
And today,
Their own lives are no longer recognized.
And still they do not hold themselves to blame.
They would rather see someone else,
Murdered for their insecurities!
See themselves on TV.

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