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In A Glance
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In A Glance

Poem By jessie kollar

In a rolling thought, a moment, innocence
I felt a touch, a pulse of heat!
I turn, its you.
You look at me with a burn in your eye
Careless and reckless you are,
And still in this moment nothing matters.
You put your hand out,
I feel your energy pulling me towards you,
My thoughts of kaleidoscope turn to one,
And I am no longer afraid.
I raise my hand,
You take it, slowly, gently.
Still your eyes incanting amongst mine.
I want to fall,
You walk closer,
We are body to body,
I break contact, my eyes close
You incomber with your lips, to my neck,
Soft kisses that tickle and satisfy,
I sink.
Your lips travel to sweet places on my body,
Interpretations of dance,
And wind,
And life,
Flow wildly threw my mind.
Our hearts racing,
Will this moment come?
Will the energy be too strong for me to handle?
Will you wake me from this dream?

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