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In A Heartbeat
DW ( / Ireland)

In A Heartbeat

In a heart beat - I'd kiss your lips,
hold you close, no chance of a miss.
In a heart beat - I'd lay you down,
amongst the daisies that surround.
In a heart beat - I'd stroke the hair out of your eyes,
kiss you all over until dawns rise.
In a heart beat - I'd place my head on your left breast,
listen to the eagerness from within your chest.
In a heart beat - I'd take you within my desire,
let the flames take hold which takes us higher.
In a heart beat - it races, through my skin it spasms,
you can see what you do to me with your rhythm.
In a heart beat - I'd forever hold your hand,
listen to our orchestra play within loves bandstand.
In a heart beat...

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Comments (9)

Beautiful, sensual write with great rhythm and flow, superb lines that make my heartbeat dance with the exuberance of your words!
Brilliantly beautiful poem, sings to my mind so delicately, I love it! Fantastic heartbeat of love for sure. Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn
Beautiful and how it should be
Sensual and fantastic poem....
Your heart beats are lovely that is why it created such a beautiful poem.
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