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In A Human Where Millions Are Hungry

In a Human world where millions are hungry and Homelessness and Statelessness nowadays is rife
It would take a hard hearted person to dismiss this with 'such is life'
Or words such as this is not my problem some with others cannot empathize
That due to good fortune they too may be paupers they do not seem to realize
The hard hearted in numbers do seem to be growing and that does seem a sad thing to say
They only think of self and close kin they see life in a selfish way
They vote for people who think like them those who believe in the us against they
Respect to the rights of asylum seekers such people not prepared to pay
Many of such people are well educated yet in their ways they are so small
They believe on a fair go for themselves and their own kind but not on a fair go for all
In the company of racists and xenophobics I always do feel out of place
They make me feel ashamed to be human as a member of the human race
I will drink a toast to the compassionate and to those who believe on for all a fair go
Such people make me proud to be human good karma for themselves they do sow.

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