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In A Human World Where Many Grow Poorer

In a Human World where many grow poorer for one to become a millionaire
Who can blame the forgotten have nots for thinking that life is unfair
The homeless poor of the big city to survive have to battle the odds
Many of them die in their twenties the children of the lesser gods,
The children of disadvantaged parents for them no such a thing as a fair go
A good home and a good education of such things they never will know
Compared to them I feel so lucky one might say a fortunate man
I have never been hungry or homeless at anytime in my life span
For the wealthy to grow wealthier the poor must grow poorer in a fair Human World this would not be
Far too many are disadvantaged and condemned to live in poverty
Even in the so called wealthy Nations the hidden poverty is rife
By circumstance of birth far too many are condemned to a miserable life
'Tis true enough we are mere mortals and to the scythe of the Reaper we fall
But in a Human World where many grow poorer no such a thing as a fair go for all.

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