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In A Human World

In a Human World where the wealthy minority to live on have far more than enough
And the millions of homeless are living and sleeping rough
And the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on growing ever wide
Many millions of people of a fair go in life are denied
And millions rendered Stateless and homeless and oppressed and downtrod
In the wars over cultures and borders and god
But where a change for the better in their lives millions are overdue
The prophesy that the meek shall inherit the Earth may never come true
We read in newspapers and see on t v images from war zones far away
It is a troubled World the Human World that we live in today
I am not wealthy but i have enough to eat and a home to live in and of anything i am not in need
So for that i feel lucky yes very lucky indeed
I may have been born a child of the ghetto or a refugee
I feel grateful to lady luck for being good to me.

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