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In A Land Without Sunshine

In the ground one day was planted a seed,
Spawned a Drake of Suffering, causing people to plead:
'What can stop it? Who will dare?'
In a land without sunshine,
Whispered the Maiden, 'Why should I care?' Men lusted, women despised,
Children and elders laughed at her eyes,
'How strange she is! She doesn't belong!'
In a land without sunshine,
Begged the Maiden, 'Take heed of my song?' The Dragon of old, soared high overhead,
Baring sharp fangs, snarling words of dread:
'What fools you are! Suffer your fate!'
In a land without sunshine,
Decided the Maiden, 'Who deserves such hate?' A flash of her blade, a fire in her eyes,
The Maiden slew the Wyrm, thrown from the sky.
'Without praise she fought. Our pain she relieved'.
In a land without sunshine,
The sun shines upon one who believed.

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