Thank You God For Creating Women

Soft, sultry, mysterious, gorgeous
Thank You God for creating women
And giving us men a reason for living
Loving and being loved by these wonderful creatures

Blonds, brunettes, redheads
Every one is beautiful in her own way
The swivel of her hips, a come here smile
Tender moments spent in her loving arms

So many women, but only one woman
Can be the love of a man's life
And thank You God, for letting me find mine
After a lifetime of heartache and disappointment

Someone I can talk to and laugh with
With her, I'm free to be myself
Making me feel like I never felt before
This woman is the meaning of love

And though I'm in love with one woman
I still appreciate all the others
It's woman's beauty that inspires my writing
And my love knows I'll never stray

by Harry J. Couchon Jr

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Absolutely outrageous, my definition of a beautiful poem
A sad poem well written. The flow carries the poignancy over time creatively. And yet- and yet- ah, who understands? We men and women are complex things! A hundred tunes Fate's inexorable hands May play on the sensitive soul-strings. Thanks for posting.
Years ago! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Intended as such or not, this is a meditation on how romantic feelings change over time—and a finely written one. For myself, I haven’t experienced the excruciating desire of adolescence since then and have no desire to revisit it. But this poem causes us to ask what love is. And what is it within marriage, for example, when over more than four decades, in my case, we go through all the changes that are part of aging. A feeling? A commitment? -GK
TWO: Despite her very busy activities and though she was well educated in literature, Amy Levy suffered from a diagnose of major depression since her early years. Must be noted that she committed suicide at the age of 27. Her era was the Victorian period, remarkable 14 stanzas long to decide whether to go or not, visiting her sick old friend. Oscar Wilde wrote an obituary for her in Women's World in which he praised her gifts. May she R.I.P.
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