(1861 - 10 September 1889 / London)

Ghazal Of Rumi

I was dead, then alive.
Weeping, then laughing.

The power of love came into me,
and I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.

He said, ‘You’re not mad enough.
You don’t belong in this house.’

I went wild and had to be tied up.
He said, ‘Still not wild enough
to stay with us!’

I broke through another layer
into joyfulness.

He said, ‘Its not enough.’
I died.

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I cite here one more stanza, the final, I regard all are most beautifully thought and worded: But, ere I could reach you where you lay, Must strength and substance and honour spend; Journey long journeys by night and day- Somehow, I think I should come, my friend! True mesmerizing and she captured all loveliest. A most deserving CLASSIC Poem Of The Day, Hurray! Once again my CONGRATULATIONS for her family. God´s Blessings!
Fourteen stanzas long, all stanzas of the same beauty and best end rhymes, this lady shows much talent and much attention for the written word, enjoyed all stanzas and I have chosen one to cite here: And yet- and yet- I scarce can tell why (As I said, we are riddles and hard to read) , If the world went ill with you, and I Could help with a hidden hand your need; Truly enjoyed such talented gift of Amy Levy. CONGRATULATIONS for the family.
Love is the deepest emotion well in our life, The greatest contrasts between major and minor keys, Love beyond splendor and squalor, The grand orchestra we are attending, Great poem from the poet
'Soul has its tones and its semitones, Mind has its major and minor keys.' Classic poetry. A fitting choice for Poem of the Day! A fitting choice for Poem of the Day
hat was love that I had before Years ago, when my heart was young; Ev'ry smile was a gem you wore; Ev'ry word was a sweet song sung.... doomed to part. pain suffering separation. very fine poem.
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