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In A Mirror Framed
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Mirror Framed

Trying to lay blame,
On someone other than the one reflected...
In a mirror framed.
Without depth inspected!
Or at least none that is claimed?
Says one thing about the one subjected.
The one delusioned,
With the image rejected.

'Empty pockets do not refill themselves,
On thinning air.
Especially when it has been declared,
Oxygen that 'had' been there...
Can not be replaced merely by fantasy.
Or replenished by wishes.
Since an ending that has arrived...
Is not seeking those who hide,
When time finishes!

A depletion comes and survives!
And seldom is that done,
With the dropping of confetti.'

What is it that you are truthfully saying? ~

'That damn mirror has a bunch of cracks,
Even seen when standing!
No matter where one stands.
Or how far back! '

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your poem says a lot of truth