WG (August 19,1993 / Ruidoso, New Mexico)

In A Perfect World

Imagine a world that was nothing but peace
A place so heavenly
Smiles laughs grins everywhere
Nothing could ever stop from letting me be

A sweet melody
Happy faces all the time
No war or anger at all
a perfect rhyme

To look back and forth and see no evil
To smile at everything to just be perfectly emotonally and physically
All that screaming and hate was not the worst fate and it would all be gone
Nobody blind and everyone well all good people could see

Music, rhythim and non escaping exitement we would all have
No cry's or sighs or tears
Gone with all the bad things here
No scares no fears

A perfect little place it would be
Dancing, prancing, grinning, winning, thats all that it would be you see
A world crealy happier and better than anytime or place in existance
With glory and pride we would all flee

No dissapointments, or broken hearts
Without all those sad goodbyes and those lost hopes would all dissapear
Existing only the cool, the nice, the fun
Nothing would be wrong ever nothing would be bad nothing nothing at all nothing but heaven clear

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Comments (2)

Let us abolish money.. Only then, and for sure, all your beautiful visions will come true. But if otherwise, humankind would never be able to get rid of the money system, then sadly maybe never they will... come true
Wendy: What a wonderful thought; you express it so well. But you are not the first to hope and yearn for such a day. Believe it or not, that is just what God had in mind when he made us 6000 years ago. And He says it will very soon be just like that. Read Revelations 21: 3,4 and then ask him to send you someone to explain it all. He will.