Poem Hunter
In A Public Mental Meltdown
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Public Mental Meltdown

Money to have it.
Bragged about with an narcissistic,
Flaunting of it.
And suspiciously corrupted.
Seems unable to buy,
An attempt to hide from witnessing eyes...
One becoming unhinged.
In a public mental meltdown.
Displayed and predicted to happen.
But not in a way in which it seems,
Many are already prepared with snacks packed.
Cellphones held and ready to snap photos.
And journalists sitting counting the minutes,
As to who wins the bet...
That gets their published coverage of it,
To be noticed and viewed.
Printed by the newspapers awaiting,
For the time this meltdown occurs.
But not the date.

"What about the date?
We need the date."

-We'll just use the date,
The national emergency was announced.
To then print the time,
When it actually took place.
And became known to show in effect.
As of yet,
The occurrence of it has not arrived.
But keep your fingers crossed,
Since that bet you made just might win.-

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