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My Best Friend Ana(Anorexia)
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

My Best Friend Ana(Anorexia)

crying, you wont let me out

dying, whats this all about

trying, but can not get free

hungry, i feel so empty

sick, you wont let me eat

sad, im just a fat freak

lonely, i cant see my friends

sadness, it wont ever end

hate, is now in my life

pissed, cause i know i cant hide

fat, you seem to agree

know, that being thin isnt free

pain, is what i feel inside

wish, that i could run and hide

cant, let u know im scared

no one, even knows im there

ana, is my only friend

ana, be with me to the end

ana, knows where my secrets lie

and ana, is how im gonna die

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