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In A Roam Zone
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Roam Zone

When in a roam zone,
Where does one go...
After tempers flair?
And what is left staring,
Are the facts.
In undeniable contradiction...
Of those truths carried,
Historically on one's back!
Where does one roam,
When this becomes known.

Where does one roam,
When assessments are complete.
And one awakens drooling,
Deluged by deceit one took to a deep sleep.
Where does one then choose to roam?
With a feeling of suspicion even in one's home!
And finding themselves overwhelmed by distrust.
Neighbors once close are now regarded with disgust.
Found hiding in disguises as if they must.
Where does one then roam?

When truth has been expose to leave one to feel alone...
Where does one then go,
Feeling isolated and in a complicated mental state of mind!
Where does one then go...
When feeling alone and in a roam zone to call one's own.

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