PL (22nd may1991-i wish it to be 22nd may of some year / indore)

In A Shell

I cant breathe, i am bound
with the ties of the world
I didnt want the knots i found
My vision of life is completely blurred

I think differently not like everyone says
I claim my views with a clenched fist
They say i'm absurd cuz of my different ways
But an explaination could hav been an opinionist

My voice is supressed my ideas opposed
My view point has been deflected
Why should i always say whats supposed
Always my opinion has been neglected

I lost my smile, tis been years since i laughed hard
I look a grumpy lady now
Years past I with my jokes the crowd bombard
And the love in their eyes i saw

I still urge for a sound
That is familiar and intimate
Our blend of feelings so finely ground
Our bond which no one can portray

I long for a voice to ask what I want
One who would help me search for my lost smile
One figure who wont say 'dont'
Just one person who wont be hostile

Tis just the beginning, my life's pretty vast
I just wont lost that hope
I will meet the voice till i last
I wish not for betrayals, cuz it takes a lot to cope

I am stuck in this shell
will gather courage to break it off
I aint as bad as hell
But still aspire for heavens above........


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Well portrayed emotions, thanks for sharing