In A Soul

In one's soul
lies anything and everything
hopes and dreams
loves greatest tortures
and one's self
but I lie no where
with nothing
but the darkness round me
my soul
evil spread over me
as if I were a pebble
flowing freely in a running river
Satan's eyes upon me
his hands my own
my guide.....

my ghost
not seen clearly
but just a glimpse
clears my confusion

The war between them
grasps me
urging me away from each other
pulling my thoughts
left to right
no where to go
to run
and hide from them
my feelings
become their strenght
my senses lost
the ground falls beneath me
limb by limb
soul by soul
they come
and never leave
by eachother
what was once called heaven........
is now hell.

by Andrew Degen

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