In A Sudden Change

Free my mind
l used to be kind
Back when those days
Was a crazy maze
Time changes people
Don't let it change you
Measure these moments
That in a rapid sequence
I was enlightened by you
For closure italways seems
It's always dark in these streets
Smile a sweet smile once in a while
Fate is at my side. About time!
The sky is at its peak again
Blue and oh so clear
Loving it all at a steady pace
And in your arms i'll come
Running again
In a sudden change
I remember when
Life was full and half
Empty again
Time is valuable and
Precious to me
You came in and
Molded me back to me
Is it that stare or
Your conscience state of mind
That got me in a trance
To be the woman that
I want to be standing
Next to thee. I love you
And being with you
It only took to get
Under that nook
That has my mark
Kiss me so you could
See that spark until
At night you see my
Reply from the moment
That i don't want to
Say Good Night..

by Ana Sanchez

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