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In A Tolerating Mode
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In A Tolerating Mode

From me you received love,
Undivided time...
And unquestionable patience.
Then I did not realize,
My mind, heart and eyes were closed...
In a tolerating mode on myself imposed.

From you I often heard it said,
I took life too seriously.
With a doing that was too sensitive.
A doing to prove to others you convinced,
I re-acted too severely...
To misdeeds done you did in innocence.

And through the years without you near,
I have to agree...
I did take you too seriously.
I did take my time with you,
As being devoted and committed too!
Until I needed no clue to know we were through.

But too sensitive when disrespected?
Too sensitive to reject anymore of your neglect?
Someone else may accept to buy your deceiving.
Not me.
I am not the one to live my life to reminisce,
With that kind of living to do 'and' regret it missed.

And blessed to feel I do each day,
My experiences have taught me so many lessons.
To know from people like you I am able to walk away...
With my identity, dignity and pride intact.
To keep that way to never backtrack.
How about you?
Are you still making impressions for others to approve?

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