In A Walk Of Dreams

There was one step I took
You know when you gave me that look
I knew where I wanted to be

There was one chance to take
I knew it was make or break
Because I know I’m in too deep

All I wanted to see
Is just you and me
Loving forever in my dream
In a walk of dreams
When the night seems cold
It’s meant to be
It will never grow old

I’m here for you
You know its true
My dreams are yours
You dream them too
The pain I see
Is the pain in my life
The step gets hard
I’ll put up a fight

Searching for your love
Oh, I'm dreaming of you
My walk is long
Will you see us through?

My love is real
Till the day I die
Lets reach for the stars
Keep this dream alive

Adapted to poetry from Shea Arender’s original song (In a Walk of Dreams)

by Shea Arender

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