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In A World Of Beautiful Women
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In A World Of Beautiful Women

We were both sitting
In a little non-descript bar
Where the loneliness
Hung heavily in the air
Like cigarette smoke.

In nearly drunken conversation,
You said you were
Sadly obsessed
By girl named Erica
Who turned into
A mythical dream and disappeared
Like Daphne into a laurel tree.

And I felt
Like we were brothers
In a world of beautiful women
Who fly away
Like untamed exotic birds
Which men can never cage.

And the bartender
Turned up the radio:
“The trouble is,
That you’re in love
With someone else,
It should be me,
It should be me! ”*

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Comments (8)

Awesome, man! Simlple, clear.. just spot on..
a very good piece of word art uriah i enjoyed this very much i have done the same thing on jumping sheep, but with a different angle Warm Regards AJS
this is very nice, Mr. Hamilton! I am inspired to write one called In a World of Beautiful Men...I'll get back to you on that one.
as usual, great imagery. im always awed by how awesomely you write. :)
Yes, this is a very good one, Uriah. I too like the same image that Raynette cited. I'm a bit troubled by the quote at the end. Why quote something that is really quite plain? You are talented enough to come up with better words to say the same thing.
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