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In A World Of Normal People

A superhero went to mingle, in a world of normal people.
No one noticed as he'd walk, as he listened, as he'd talk.
"He's just so ordinary! " that's what everybody thought,
He heard the things they'd say, about other people when they were away,
He saw them pretend to be okay,
But though there were no monsters they still needed to be saved.
Everybody thought the world of normal was just perfect,
They never had to deal with mad scientists or mutants,
But now the hero noticed they have many kinds of humans.
Some are good, some are bad, some are happy, some are sad.

The superhero went to mingle, in the world of super people,
He reported what he'd seen, that normal isn't what it seams.
They all face a kind of monster no one else can see.
A kind of monster only themselves can ever try to defeat.

by Tiernan Booth

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In the world of super people, good one