In Advance

My love, my mind is leaving me.
Allow me to enjoy this time of normalcy.
Let me take from this once full life.
Memories I shared with you-beautiful not contrite.

Anxiety has cornered me.
There's no pretense-I am tensed.
I know you have long sensed.

Gone will be the memories of seeing the flowers bloom,
Laughing in the park when we take our walks at noon.
My thoughts will be empty as darkness looms.

I know to have loved you twice in life was not a mistake.
Your love surrounded me.
It was not a waste.
With time closing in, I write these words with great haste.

Time is not spared-I am scared.
When tomorrow comes, I may not tell day or night from apart.
You may move on but I ask you to take it easy on my heart.
You may find another but not yet.
Let me be your only woman tonight without feeling any threats.

For right now, I am selfish and weak.
I want you to remember me a little while longer my sweet.
If this should be my last thoughts of our last kiss,
Our last bliss, our last dance,
My dear, I want to thank you in advance.

by Marie WardAlonge

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