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In All Honesty
(January 7,1988 - September 17,2078 / Columbus, OH)

In All Honesty

Poem By Erica Francis

In all honesty
today has been
something out of the ordinary.

In all honesty
I could do with some christmas carols
and a mug of hot chocolate.

In all honesty
walking on the road without a sidewalk
is more exhilerating than anything else.

In all honesty
watching fog settle over the road
can bring tears to anyones eyes.

In all honesty
you're the only person
I'm mostly honest to.

In all honesty
this poem
is entirely honest.

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Comments (4)

In all honesty if you were the one, in all honesty the will of The Lord transcends, In all honesty a poem, a life to defend,
Callisto, i like the playfulness of your poetry. if i could, i would read all your poems if only time allowed. if i could, i would amend time and grow younger if only God allowed. the vampires tire of immortality, but i'd be willing to give it a shot, if only time allowed.
In all honesty this is probably the best poem I have read of yours. Honesty is catching ya know. 9 from me, cus I'm nice really! Smiling Tai
without exception when a poet trusts honesty there's always joy insight truth a lovely poem