In All Of Us

when the rooster crowed
then i remembered
then i knew
and it hit me so deep
and stabbed into my heart.
there was a wall between us
and utter lonliness on each side of it

when i woke up next to foul pigs
i suddenly wondered why i had done all this
and what had brought me so low
and if i went back, my stench would be
enough to make him cringe and vomit

when they crucified my teacher
i gave the detested money back
my world was somehow upside down
and loathed myself
and hung myself

when they brought this Jew before me
i spit on him
and whipped him
i enjoyed a laugh with my friends
and nailed him to the place of his death

when he was reborn
then i knew i wasn't worthy
my soul shook within my body
my weak and dirty soul
let me also be reborn

by Justin Tang

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