In An Oasis, Through A Desert

In the desert sand
Who can play the flute, who can play the band?
Heat and dust on mirrored skirt
Morning mist on ankles twist.
Over the courtyard - the moon alone always
Searching for someone - near Damascus
On the thorns of cactus.
Rain comes to desert
Palms wait in the resort
Through the clouds - came thunder
All of a sudden - a stranger
Tell me oh stranger
Are you thirsty?
Oasis is truth, life no mirage
Dreams may fade, life stands apart.
Fresh morning awakes, sand smiles for a while
Hope comes to the desert, the blazing sun walks thousands of miles

by Mandira Ghosh

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Comments (3)

dear mandira, it is a beautiful poem.. playing flute in the desert. morning mist. morning awakes... nice imagery. write and write u hve the gift.... in you.
Mandira, This poem is splendid, i loved the 'imagery'..keep writing! Preets
Hi Madira, Ur poem really touches the heart...comparisons are really good and appropriate...the lines that stars the poem 'in the desert sand/who can play the flute, who can play the band...' ivokes the entore mood of the poem....keep it up friend. Anirban