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In And Out
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

In And Out

Poem By AHO Speaks

We walk and we wander as if alone
To sacrifice our best as they leave the home.

They don't understand me and always on my case
The pressure is mounting so often; I act out of haste.

Trust disintegrating followed by love and compassion
Time misspent and relationships put on ration.

I wanted out of a situation that was denial
No thought or feelings for children put on trial.

I was more childish than the children at home
Not expecting that soon I would know, the word alone.

Psychological tests could tell much about a marriage
First to determine who is the horse and who is the carriage.

Do we marry because of the heart or mind
Romance is emotional feeling; yet more important; are actions of kind.

Let each write their definition of the word fair
Who is more responsive with care and share?

The words sacrifice, commitment and forgiveness
As applied to each member of the family not just religious.

Sex is a beautuful God given gift but does not stand alone
To be shared with another in their own family home.

10-11-05 Aho speaks

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