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In Another Time

So many nights they have come and gone
And she knows in his arms she does belong
But time so sadly has never been on their side
And too many lonely tears she has already cried

So in sweet sweet fantasy their love lingers on
Words lost in space but alive in lover's song
In dreams, in another time, another place
The touch of her kisses caress his loving face

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This is a very beautifully written and quite poignant poem, Tia, one that expresses sorrow for a love that could not be. Though there are far worse tragedies in life, nothing is quite as heart breaking as a love that never came to fruition. You have expressed that so well in this brief poem. Carl.
'In sweet sweet fantasy' is where dreams are woven at times Tia... so cling on in there - I feel as Chris says, that dreams have a habit of really coming true...... hugs and 10 ++ + from Fay.
Tia, it is soft and green. Melodious. 10++ with pleasure.
Tia, well written...some nice lines in this one.10/10 Ian
Wow. I love it. I feel like I can relate.