In Any Direction

River water may flow in any direction
It has no such guiding path or selection
In normal course very calm and peaceful
Not to cause any harm and remain faithful

We don’t know when it may go in spate
Completely remain in uncontrollable state
Yes in certain stages she has no choice
Yet lot more to do with welfare and promises

Life is also same way totally unpredictable
We can do nothing even if in control and capable
How can we turn it to our advantage?
We can only try to write a anew page

How it turns out to be is anybody’s guess
Later on we can try to find out and trace
We may have failures with wrinkles on face
Still it is nice to live in with live race

We got to make it worthy and perfect
We may prove masters with our own acts
It may prove hard and unconvincing
Yet there has to be someway for retracing

We may die each day and relive
It has tremendous strength to believe
Else it may be stagnated and come to standstill
We got to overcome it with our strong will

Face it with strong resolve and fight it out
There is hope of ray even in worst rout
Whatever you make must be carefully thought
The solution is in sight and openly sought

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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