DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

In Any Event

The centre of the wheel does not turn
(as time remains a constant now…)
We are all so very far away
from that place from which
we never strayed.

The earth, a small round stone,
the universe, the beach we roam.
(Pick up a galaxial shell,
listen to it whisper “all is well”) .

Travel across the boundless ocean
(without the need for any motion…)
Reach a distant land
that surpasses all we understand.

We are all so far away from home,
(with home that place…) ,
from which we never strayed
and always think, is far away.

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David, I just loved this one. We have all had that feeling of being far away from a home where we never stayed. Top marks and thank for sharing this my friend. Best Wishes David