AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

In Any Way At All

If smoking was beneficial in any way at all
Then I would say go out and have yourself a ball
Those years of life cut short wouldn't matter a single whit
I'd say go out and enjoy every single drag of it

Those filthy ashtrays, that stale smoke smell
The fact that it doesn't make you feel so well
If you were being repaid in a handsome way
I'd say go out and do it day after day

The sheer cost of it, please don't do the sums
It'd be worth every penny, if it really made you hum
But it just turns you into an abject slave
Someone who always has a constant crave

A craving that always needs a feed
From a bitter obnoxious noxious weed
And that is why I say to you today
Please can you give those fags away

by Alessandra Liverani

Comments (1)

No, I can't. I love my fags for everything they are, and everything they do. I love my addiction, I love my poor health, I love dedicating most of my money to cigarettes, which I hope will lead my body to ruin. Also, for the sake of arguing, smoking reduces chances of parkinsons. Booyah.