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In Bed With My Unfound Love
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In Bed With My Unfound Love

In my deep sleep, i dream, about him, i feel him pull me close to him, he makes me face him, he slides those hands down my sides and back up, those lips meet mine, burning with desire of wanting him, his got me now, he undresses me while observing my body, it satisfies him, thinks i'm pure beauty, those lips kiss my neck, while his body slides on top of mine, his warmth builds the want in me, he slowly traces the shape of my chest, which leads him half way down to my stomach, he teases me, making me want him so badly, then he starts, his in, my moans turn into screams, he wants me to scream his name, but i dont know it, i never saw his face so good, i wake up just, about the time he tells me, i will never know this man's name, will i.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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too passionate for me. you write so beautifully