In-Between Seasons

Fall comes first
With its fallen leaves
Here and there,
Winter comes next
With naked trees, snows,
Rains, cold weather, and
A lot of hurricanes and
Strong storms,
Spring comes flourishing
With fresh buds and
A lot of wild flowers
Here and there, then
Summer ends all other seasons
With its ripe fruits,
With its pretty lpeasures, and
With its sunny days...
All four seasons combine
A lot of pretty things
To us to make us enjoying them
greatly and wonderfully...


Comments (12)

Such a heartwarming write, Mohammad... congrats for being chosen...10++++
Quite a motivational poem dealing with all the seasonal effects on human mind. Thanks for the sharing and congrats for the poem being picked as POD.
The poem nicely brings to fore the charm of all the seasons thus completing the yearly cycle. I love the way it unfolds. Thanks.
Fall comes first With its fallen leaves wonderful, thanks for sharing
'Summer ends all other seasons' thank you for sharing..beautiful! ..10 Lodigiana x
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