You'Re My Best Friend

A lot of friends came to my life,
but all has come just to leave me
without saying goodbye.

I keep asking why?

Before, I didn't know what is Friend really meant,
until one day you came along to my way
to show how wonderful to live with a friend........
like you, till we became 'BEST FRIEND'

Whatever people talk wicked things about us we ignored.
A storm rushed to destroy us but our friendship build to last.
we've faced all of those with tears and laughter and still our
friendship stays longer. You opened my eyes to see things
around let my heart feel your friendship without
hesitations you shown me reality from illusion.

You gave back my confidence you understand my ups and downs
you taught me how to love all of these because you're my 'BEST FRIEND'
Happy moments, lonely days you're always there to make me laugh,
each days of mine is always. I never asked anything in this world but you
my ' DEAR BEST FRIEND ' in you it's always a Hello! ! !

by Mary Wismer

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To learn! When the child is old enough. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The fairy tales that a child hears from grand mother/father make deep impressions in his psyche.He believes them as true.He thinks that a dead man can be brought to life by magic.A stump can grow hands.As he grows he realises that these are stories and dead man can never arise.Still he finds his beloved grand mother/mother who are dead, in his fantasy world , in a bird's call or soft light of the morning.This fantasy world is a loving world where a child finds security, but once he grows enough he comes face to face with harsh realities of life.The poet says- -'Where do the gone things go When the child is old enough to walk herself to school her playmates already pumping so high the swing hiccups ? - - -A marvelous write, thanks for sharing.-