In Creation Of Human Beings

Human beings are creator of many things,
These are fitments, vehicles and magic ring.
So many engines like ship, rocket and train,
In order to fly over there is aeroplane. [1]

In fitment there are T.V, Fridge, Radio,
They are Laptop, Computer with Video.
Men develop science with wonderful thing,
These serve to human, happiness do bring. [2]

Human beings create road, bridge, rail,
Over river and sea it stands without fail.
Astonished things are Robert, Mobile phone,
Computer is wonderful man creates alone. [3]

Though these are lifeless do as alive,
Flood, cyclone, earthquake men can't leave.
Here man is powerless God is all?
Though man creates things he becomes dull. [4]

God is Super creator, human is also creator,
Man has knowledge, God is ocean greater.
God creates creatures that have lives,
Bees procreate bees in their hives. [5]

In God's creation all creatures have different figures,
Bodies are varied in human, also voice differs.
A bicycle can't give birth to a bicycle,
But life being procreates same in whole circle. [6]

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (3)

God is Super creator. This knowledge we should keep in mind. Thank you very much for sharing this poem.
Creation! In whole circle. Nice work.
A lovely thoughtful poem. I agree with the poet that reproduction is the symbol of life created by God..........10